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Stormy Beach Day

Stormy Beach Day

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baking For Vegans

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If you live a vegan lifestyle you know how serious it is to those who share your concerns about food. When we bake we are always able to make substitutions-but some are surprised to hear what we use!

Today we made a pile of cookies using a recipe right off the oatmeal box. Instead of butter we use a vegan margarine. Easy to find, but it does not say on the package that it is vegan. There are many available-just read the labels and you will see there is no animal product in many margarine products. You can also use nut butters, such as almond butter or peanut butter as a substitute.

To skip the eggs-easy to do. We have always left the eggs out of the recipes and instead used applesauce or pumpkin. My grandmother often used substitutions because at the time there was no such thing as going to the store to get what you wanted when you ran out of something!

We use nuts in many recipes and our cookies are no exception. For chocolate chips some use carob chips which are available in health food store. We don't like carob-we like chocolate! And here's the deal on chocolate: It does not  to contain milk. Even milk chocolate does not have to contain milk. Read the ingredients on a package of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips:

Ingredients: Semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin-an emulsifier, vanilla).

Many who are vegan would avoid this product because it does say on the bag the chips are made in a facility that processes milk.

Some don't know that cocoa butter does not have butter made from milk.  It is actually the vegetable fat that is produced from the cacoa bean. Some pronounce it coco butter and mistakenly think it is from the coconut. 

So you can be vegan and have your chocolate too!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are you getting enough protein?

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Make your own high protein bread. 
Adding protein to your diet is a simple thing to do. For those of us who do not eat animal products the addition of a few nuts several times a day will do the trick.

When adding protein to our diet many of us enjoy beans as a compliment to a meal. This will surely take care of most protein needs, however-what if you do not want to eat beans with each meal?

Wheat and other grains can contain protein. Read packages so that you know what you are eating. It is true that the human body will make a certain amount of protein when fed correctly. The problem here is that most of us do not eat what we should and will pay the price at some point.

If you are a meat eater or use dairy products getting enough protein should not be an issue.

How much protein do you typically need? A person who weighs 150 pounds should get around 55 grams of proteins daily. Someone who weighs 200 pounds needs about 74 grams of protein.

One way to add protein to your day if you are not a meat eater is by using a soy based protein powder. If you can tolerate soy (and not everyone can) this can be added to beverages or recipes to increase your protein intake.

Why should you care about adding protein to your diet? If you do not get enough protein your body will begin to use YOU as the source of  protein. This will begin to happen within a day or two of missing protein. It is thought that this is why many older adults have more body fat even when they do not weigh too much.

To get enough protein adding breads and cereals that are higher in protein to your daily menu may help. Don't forget that fruit does contain some protein, while vegetables are higher in protein. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily may be your answer.

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