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Stormy Beach Day

Stormy Beach Day

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are colorful foods better for us?

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 Do you think eating foods for health will make a difference? Think about this:

When it comes to foods for health, color may be the key. Those who believe in color therapy claim the color purple is healing. Seeing the color on a daily basis is thought to help us feel better.Other colors are important too.

Why are the colors of  foods important? Most of us already know that the darker the color of a food the more nutrients they contain. The pigments in a carrot or red pepper do make a difference. Antioxident levels are higher in such foods as are levels of beta caratene. So why not eat foods that have rich colors and be one step ahead by possibly ensuring better health with colorful foods.

White foods-breads, pastas-anything that is bleached or processed to death is of no value. We are now able to find all foods, including cereals, pastas and breads made with whole grains. There is no reason to continue eating what is basically glue, and of no benefit to us.

Foods for health that you may want to add if you don't already include these would be brocolli, Brussells sprouts and dark green salads. These can be spinach, kale, romaine-they're all good.

Adding foods for health if you are not into eating well can be a challenge. You may have to add a little fruit and vegetables at a time until you are eating enough to feel a difference. And you will feel a difference if you switch from worthless, empty calorie foods to whole foods.

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