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Stormy Beach Day

Stormy Beach Day

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Which Vegetables Are The Best?

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Is it true that we should eat fresh vegetables only? Will eating canned vegetables harm us in some way?

Many people believe that only fresh vegetables should be consumed, while others seem to do just fine no matter what they eat.

Fresh vegetables are probably the best choice in most cases. We should also consider buying what we can get that is grown where we live. Food from the neighbors backyard would be better than what must be trucked from a thousand miles away.

The next choice for vegetables may be frozen. There are times when we can't get what we want in the produce aisle. Also the prices are sometimes so high our budget won't handle it. 

The last vegetables we would choose would be canned. Vegetables that are canned are processed more than those that are frozen. This does not mean the product won't taste good. There is just some disagreement about whether canned foods contain the same nutrients as other foods.

When you do buy fresh vegetables be sure to wash them thoroughly. Whether organic or not, vegetables need to be cleaned. Don't think because a bag says the vegetables you are buying were washed you don't have to also give them a good dunking!

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